Puppycam Closed

Jenny's puppies have now started leaving for their new

homes, so the Puppycam broadcasts have ended.

As this is Jenny's final litter, there will not

be any future broadcasts.

Jenny raised a total of £114 with the Puppycam - thanks to everyone who kindly donated.

As Jenny was also given many packets of treats by visitors,

I will only buy her one box of dog biscuits, and donate all of

the remaining contributions (just over £111) to Dogstrust

Thanks for watching


If you are enjoying watching Jenny and her puppies, maybe

you would like to consider making a donation to buy

Jenny a treat or two, and to the charity DogsTrust.

5% (up to a max. of £10) of any donations

will buy Jenny some treats.

Everything else, after Paypal fees, will

be donated to the charity DogsTrust.

Or, if you would prefer a different donation ratio,

please add a note to your Paypal payment.